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"..It’s all there: deep blues, swing, New Orleans rhumba-style backbone-wobblers, savage rock-a-billy, plus any other hip style from the last sixty years you care to mention. But this is no reverent heritage band – they have the originality of a new Stones or Led Zep and the attack of early Dr Feelgood, along with better taste and musicianship than any of those bands. I really can’t recommend them highly enough"
Blues In Britain magazine, UK

"This is one damn fine band who are one of the most exciting live acts around in any genre"
Plymouth Evening Herald, UK Read more reviews...

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Preview all the tracks from The Wildcards amazing new album:
"When The Moon Shines Bright"

The Wildcards - When The Moon Shines Bright

The Wildcards - Hoodoo Preacher - Live @ The Ace Cafe', Belgium


The Wildcards
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The Wildcards - Album Releases
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"Every now and then you get to listen to a CD that instantly has your attention. This is one of ‘em. The Wildcards are a British band that releases their 3rd studio album called “When the Moon Shines Bright”. Filthy, horny and gritty are the keywords with this band. There’s been a lot of writing about the new generation of blues musicians that have the fire and passion that older musicians lack. These guys don’t look like 20 somethings to me but their devilish energy drips from my speakers, the music is that filthy and passionate. This is already one of the best releases of this year" ***** 5 stars
www.bluesforum.com, Netherlands

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